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How much does an eye examination cost? +

Eye consultations are bulk-billed to medicare, so as long as you are a medicare card holder your consultation is paid for by the government. If you do not qualify for a medicare card the consultation is charged to you at the recommended scheduled government fee.

Do you supply free glasses through the government? +

We are part of MASS, medical aids subsidy scheme. This provides free spectacles to holders of health care cards, pensioner cards or Queensland Seniors cards. It is necessary to have held the card for at least 6 months to be eligible.

Is there a difference between magnifying spectacles and spectacles from an optometrist? +

Spectacles from an optometrist are made to a specific prescription which takes into account any variations of vision between the two eyes and accurately corrects this within the spectacles. Visual conditions such as astigmatism and myopia cannot be corrected by magnifying spectacles. Optometrists supply better quality frames and lenses and accuracy of prescription.

Should I get my children’s eyes tested? +

All children should have their eyes examined to ensure there are no vision problems. This can be done at any age, but certainly before the child starts preschool.

Do I need a referral to see an optometrist? +

No referral is required, optometrists are Australia’s primary eyecare providers.

I can see well out of my old glasses, do I need to get my eyes re-tested? +

Even though your vision is unchanged, an eyetest will also check on the health of your eyes.  Cataracts, glaucoma and macula degeneration are just some of the eye conditions optometrists always check for.

Can an optometrist recommend and refer to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist)? +

A referral can be provided to an ophthalmogist without the need to go to your GP.

Can I wear contact lenses? +

Most visual conditions can now be fitted for contact lenses, including short or long sightedness and astigmatism. Multifocal contact lenses are also available.

How do I pay for my spectacles? +

The practice has a hicaps terminal to directly charge your health fund, we also have eftpos and credit card facilities.

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